My name is Margaret McCormick, and I am currently a senior at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN. This May I will graduate with a degree in Psychology, and then look to attend Rush University in Chicago, IL for nursing school. The theme throughout my efolio is, "For it is not the destination that matters most, instead it is the journey itself." Throughout life there will be both good and bad times that we will all experience. When faced with adversity I believe this is when we fully begin to know ourselves and realize what we are capable of, and this is without a doubt all apart of the journey. I hope throughout my efolio you will see how this theme has held true for me these past four years while at Holy Cross.

I was originally born in Tinley Park, which is a suburb in Chicago, IL. Although I did not grow up here, instead I was raised much of my life in the small town of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Growing up here was something I wanted to emphasize, because not only did it shape who i was four years ago beginning my journey at Holy Cross, but also who I am still to this day. For me it instituted and reminded me of what truly was in important in life. It motivate me in a sense; I wanted to venture out see the world, help people, and overall make a difference. I was able to grow in that small town, and at age 18 I was more than ready to get out and make my mark in the world.

After graduating High School I started my jouney approxiametly 12 hours from home, at Holy Cross College in South Bend, IN. For me choosing Holy Cross was based on several reasons.  I liked the opportunities Holy Cross had to offer; a Global Experience, trying out for the Notre Dame marching band, and overall a holistic education. I have realized that many of the lessons in life are learned outside of the classroom, and Holy Cross understands this as well. Emphasizing not only core subjects in a classroom, but relating to the bigger picture. That one person can makes a difference to benefit the world at large, and in doing this understanding the true meaning of one's life and all of ours for that matter.